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MESArk is a server cluster with all maps for Ark Survival Evolved. You can find an amazing community by join our servers and discord channel. The cluster wants to provide the experience closest to the official server.

We have CROSS-PLATFORM Clusters!

Whether You enjoy PC or XBOX you can play at the comfort of your battle station on MESArk! Visit our Clusters!


4 Man
Cave Changes
Stable Host
Daily Events
Competitive Settings


Coming Soon!


Explore season 1 by watching this short trailer.

About Mesa ARK

Welcome to MESArk, The perfect Ark: Survival Evolved experience.
This server was established in 2021 and is still running strong as one of the biggest unofficial ark communities.
The server is fitted with plugins made to improve the quality of life on Ark making things easier and more enjoyable.

Why play on Mesa ARK?

MESArk features an incredibly large, active community that can be seen in our Discord server or in-game.
Our Servers have unique features that can only be found here, such as, Cave Changes and more.
MESArk has a 24/7 dedicated support team that answers every question you may have and does its best to help you reach the solutions you are looking for.

Get your MVP Rank right now and Support the Community

Discover our MVP Membership and get few benefits and stuff in-game!
Every donation or buy on the shop is devolved to grow the community!

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